How to Stay Heart-Healthy While Dining Out

Eating out has become a way of life in America. Whether it’s a family out for a night on the town or busy professionals taking a quick lunch break, burgers and fries and plenty of other dishes are on the daily menu. However, what many people fail to recognize is that many of today’s so-called “healthy” meals such as salads offered by fast-food restaurants are actually worse for them than the burgers themselves. Salt, butter, sugars and other ingredients are all adding up to play havoc with the cardiovascular health of diners everywhere. Fortunately, as people start to pay more attention to the foods they are being served, there are restaurants across the United States that are serving heart-healthy dishes that are also delicious.

Hash, Ham and Eggs

While Dr. Seuss may have written about green eggs and ham, diners in many restaurants are discovering the joy of hash. One of the most popular and heart-healthy dishes being eaten for breakfast nowadays is sweet potato hash, which is often accompanied by poached eggs and all-natural ham. Sweet potatoes, long recognized as one of nature’s most nutritious foods, are rapidly taking the place of regular potatoes at the breakfast table. Sweet potatoes may offer some benefit by some of the B Vitamins it contains lowering homocysteine, which may be helpful in overall heart health.

The World’s Healthiest Food

Often a nearly impossible task when people were much younger, eating kale has become the fashionable trend in Hollywood and across the country. Passing up potato chips, people instead are spending time eating kale chips as a side to their sandwiches. A vegetable with a bad reputation that’s grossly undeserved, kale is in fact doing quite a bit of good for those bodies eating it. Hailed by some as the world’s healthiest food, kale does a body good when it comes to cardiovascular health. The high fiber content of kale allows it to team up with bile acids produced by the liver, which may have a beneficial effect on cholesterol.

Elvis Has Left The Kitchen

still life of green vegetables.

Some of the highest-fat foods out there are ones that are deep-fried. A staple of diets in the southern United States, almost anything is fair game to be deep-fried today. One of the most famous deep-fried foods was the peanut butter and banana sandwich made famous by Elvis Presley. While peanut butter and banana sandwiches are still very common, few are deep-fried. Instead, restaurants such as Canyon Ranch Grill in Las Vegas have taken the King’s favorite meal and turned it into a healthy alternative. Offering its customers a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich, the restaurant has proven it can give customers a sandwich that will love them tender while being good for them.

Eating a variety of foods containing essential vitamins for patients looking to maintain heart health may also lead to lower calorie choices which can shed weight that needs to be lost. Passing up high-fat salad dressings in favor of healthier vinaigrette, opting for low-calorie smoothies and ordering grilled chicken rather than fried are just some of the ways that prove eating healthy is not only possible, but can also be a fun way to try new culinary delights.