Top 10 Common High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid for Your Heart’s Sake

Cholesterol is one of the heart’s primary enemies. One of the best ways to protect a healthy heart are to avoid popular high cholesterol foods, exercise and take vitamins for the heart. Here are the top 10 foods to avoid.

1. Egg Yolks – The list begins with egg yolks, which are an everyday staple for people in countries all around the world. Eggs are prepared in a wide variety of ways and are often included as an ingredient in many wonderful recipes. The egg whites are fine, avoid the eggs yolks as much as possible.

2. Fried Fast Foods – People on the go love fast food solutions. However, fast food restaurants are not overly concerned about cholesterol intake, and fried foods are the worse culprits. Fried Chicken, burgers, fish, fries and bacon top the list of fried fast foods to avoid. Salads and grilled sandwiches are good common sense alternatives.

3. Caviar – Caviar is a favorite appetizer in four and five-star restaurants. It is also a five-star provider of cholesterol. This one should be easy to avoid, and given the price, it will help the pocketbook as well.

4. Liver & Pate – Liver is responsible for producing cholesterol in all species. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that chicken livers, calf liver and goose pate are rich with cholesterol. Many people don’t like liver, but those who do often eat a lot of it.

5. Shrimp – When it comes to seafood, shrimp ranks as one of the most popular dishes. Shrimp cocktails, fried shrimp, shrimp salads and pasta/shrimp dishes are very popular, particularly with children. Shrimp is very high in cholesterol making it dangerous for kids if eaten in large amount. Lobster, crab and calamari fall into the same category.

6. Milk Products – While milk products carry a lot of the nutritional requirements for the human body, whole milk is very high in cholesterol. Non-fat milks still have cholesterol, but in much more manageable levels. Ice cream is particularly dangerous because it tastes so good and has quite a bit of fat content.

7. Sardines and Tuna – Sardines and tuna are very popular canned fish products. While the fish itself contain only moderate amounts of cholesterol, they are often packed in fish oils that are loaded with cholesterol.

8. Butter – Butter is a sneaky product. It is used in baking and sauces, which means people can’t be sure how much butter is being used. The high fat and cholesterol content makes butter easily replaceable by butter substitutes.

9. Processed Meats – This category includes sausage, hot dogs and pastrami. Processed meats are usually made with the fattier by-products of animals, which are very high in cholesterol. When eating meat try to focus on lean meats.LINK

10. Donuts and Bakery Goods – Baked goods processed in stores have a large amounts of trans-fats, which have a high-level of cholesterol from ingredients such as butter and cookie oils. Donuts taste good, but have very little nutritional value. LINK

In order to maintain a healthy heart, it is important to exercise and avoid eating high-cholesterol foods. With fresh vegetable, fresh fruits, broiled lean meats and fresh fish, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to the unhealthy foods listed above.