The risks behind deficiencies in Vitamin D and omega-3 levels

“Deficiencies in vitamin D and omega-3 levels have been shown to be associated with poor outcomes in patients who have heart disease. For my patients, a well-formulated supplement that addresses key nutrient deficiencies and avoids risky ingredients is a key component of optimal heart health.”

S. Jody Stagg III MD FACC
Senior Cardiologist
Cardiovascular Institution of the South

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A stronger heart for a longer life

We’ve designed Cardiamin to provide everything your heart needs to function at its best, and without any ingredients that could harm it. It’s an unprecedented 1000 IU of vitamin D and 1000 mg of EPA/DHA rich omega-3 fatty acids along with a complete multivitamin. These are the dosages that have shown in large clinical trials to keep hearts healthy and that also reduce the risk of heart failure, fractures, and falls in heart patients.

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Help a heart out.

Cardiamin softgels are made specifically to support heart health. Our medical advisory board formulated this supplement with the most up-to-date heart science available.

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Robin Trupp, PhD, RN, APRN

Cardiamin advisory board chair

“Patients with cardiac disease have specific nutritional needs, and as we age, nutrition becomes critically important for health but also more challenging to obtain. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my patients by emphasizing the role a properly designed supplement can play in their nutrition, so I joined the Cardiamin Clinical Advisory board to help design a product that met the goals I have for my patients.”

Director of the Heart Failure Program at Ohio State University, Dr. Trupp is a Clinical Assistant Professor dedicated to helping her patients and patients worldwide to maintain a healthy heart.

Trusted by leading institutions

Cardiamin is partner to well-renowned medical and healthcare insitutions around the country. We are proud of their support and trust in our product, and of our affiliation with each of them.

What’s important for your kidneys

Maintaining your kidney health requires a specific nutritional routine. The average daily dietary supplement doesn’t provide what you need to fully support your kidneys.

That’s where ProRenal+D comes in.

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